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Benson Custom Handwounds

I grew up in a large family. We were on a very tight budget so my father was always coming up with different ways to be resourceful. Needless to say, I learned a lot from him. At a young age I figured out how to build the things I needed, such as guitars and pickups from scratch.  I had a knack for working with my hands and became an electrical tech while in high school.  I’ve been involved in many projects. I’ve even had the privilege to wind coils that mount to rails that large trains still rumble over today.

In order to have full control over the tone and quality of my handmade instruments, I decided to make my own custom pickups. Soon after, they started to catch on due to their tone and quality.  Today Benson Custom Handwounds are in instruments worldwide and have been reviewed in many guitar forums such as Harmony Central.


The focus of Benson Custom is customer satisfaction.  All of my pickups are hand wound, to your specs. I always enjoy customer input or questions so feel free to voice your opinions!

If you have an idea that you would like to try out and can’t find anywhere else, feel free to send me an email.

I build many CUSTOM pickups that are not yet listed or pictured on this site. If you have any special requests don't hesitate to ask.



John Benson

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