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Compatible with Stratocaster®

'54 Vintage S Style Set

  • .....Pickups are medium scatter wound for warmth in tone, same as the early "strat" pickups everyone searches for .....The pole pieces are staggered right handed AlNiCo 5 magnets .....Magnets are unpolished for raw vintage look. .....pickups are potted to avoid microphonic sound and improve durability .....Mounting screws and springs are included …..Vintage cloth leads which require no stripping, just push back and solder. ALL PICKUPS ARE WOUND TL/TG FOR THE VINTAGE "SYRUPY" TONE COVERS ARE INCLUDED, PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH YOUR CHOICE OF COVER COLOR #42 awg formvar insulation (+-.1k) AlNiCo 5 staggered poles. also available left handed
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