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We use CTS 250K vintage style 10% pots, Oak Grigsby 5 way switch, Sprague Orange drop .047 cap wired with 22 awg push back wire. The switch is wired so the lower pot can also adjust the bridge as well as the middle pickup. If you would like this wired with no bridge tone, please request the mod. It will be no extra charge

The black and white output jack wires are twisted together to help reduce any extra hum caused by single coil pickups.This wire's insulation can be pushed back to expose the leads for soldering, no stripping is required. This helps avoid the wire from being scored with wire strippers which can lead to a break internally in your guitar.

The extra black wire is connected to your trem claw for grounding.

*If a set of Benson Custom pickups are purchased along with the harness, we can connect the set free of charge. That would leave you with only soldering your input jack and ground wire*

Compatible with Fender Stratocaster®

S Style 5 Way Wiring Harness

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