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Vintage Correct PAF style Humbuckers .
This set has been becoming a hot seller and finding it's way in some bigger named player's guitars.
Zebra, Black and Reversed Zebra are available for purchase.

Each set is wound per order, so please allow 2 weeks for handling before shipping.
This time allows you to request any extra tweaks or color combination for a fully customized set for you.

Specs are : Neck-7.7k Bridge -8.4K (+/- .1k)

Pickups are left unpotted like the originals for a wide open sound without feedbacking.
All pickups are hand wound using a medium scatter technique....
With classic Butyrate Bobbins, 42 awg Plain Enamel (vintage purple) wire nickle silver baseplate with long legs, maple spacers , long Alnico 5 magnets like the originals , braided lead wire ,raw slugs for vintage look and vintage style screw pole pieces.

Vintage Deluxe

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